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The beauty of our method is the time and effort we take to get it right. Our sommeliers don’t always get the result they expected. But they do find the wine that makes a dish taste better.
- Tracy Gardener, Founder

Our expert culinary team creates delicious, seasonal recipes

From summer pasta with bright, fresh cherry tomatoes to Thanksgiving’s turkey and dressing, from India’s chicken vindaloo to Portuguese clams and pork, our chefs create recipes inspired by the most popular dishes in books, magazines, and online.

Then our sommeliers get to work pairing those dishes with wines. Every week, we bring you a new creation to try out in your own kitchen, and a spot-on wine pairing to go with it.


Top sommeliers dig deep to find the wine pairings for our recipes

Our pros work their way through an exacting methodology of blind tasting, tasting as many as 50 different wines with each of our dishes. Building on their experience across many rounds of testing, a sommelier finds the wine that best enhances the pleasure of eating that dish. Then they analyze the winning wine’s personality and give you a precise set of characteristics for similar bottles that will work just as well. Four times a month, we reveal a spot-on pairing, and the story behind how our sommeliers found it.

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