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we know that wine shopping can be intimidating. We also know that a great pairing enhances your dining experience. We help you buy the right wine. We consult with top sommeliers who blind-taste their way through 30, 40, 50 wines to find the best pairing for a dish. Then we analyze that wine’s personality and give you a precise profile for wines that will work with that dish.

Every week, we give you delicious recipes and the spot-on pairings that go with them. You get the story behind our tastings so you can learn. You get video, text, and a downloadable Tear Sheet of perfect pairings to take to your wine store.

If what we do sounds wonky, it is. I’m a chemical engineer, and I love wine. But I haven’t always loved the way a wine went with dinner. To understand wine pairing better, I took enology classes at UC Davis. I remember a professor explaining that when wines are blended, new flavors arise. That’s why winemakers create so many blends to get to one they bottle. A light bulb went off: The same happens when you eat. A dish and a wine blend together, creating a unique experience. Experimenting enough, you can uncover a delicious, and often surprising, pairing. We give our sommeliers the resources to do just that.

We are obsessive—about pairings to make your cooking shine. And though our methods are wonky, our website isn’t. We make wine pairing easy for you. And we make it a success. PairCraft makes dinner better.

We blind-taste 30, 40, 50 wines to find the best pairings for the dishes you’re cooking

Winemakers may create hundreds of blends to get the one they bottle, flavors get masked or emphasized; new flavors arise. We realized the same things happen when you eat. A dish and a wine blend together, creating a unique experience of flavor. You don’t always get the result you expect. But experimenting enough, you can uncover a delicious pairing.

We consult with top sommeliers who work their way through an exacting methodology of tasting, honing in across 30, 40, 50 possibilities, to find the best wine for a dish. Then we analyze that wine’s personality and give you a precise set of characteristics for similar bottles that will work with that dish. Four times a month, we reveal a spot-on pairing, and the story behind how we found it.

That’s the work we do. It might seem obsessive. But we are obsessive—about introducing you to the ways that wine can enhance your cooking. We make wine pairing easy for you.



Tracy Gardner
Founder and CEO

Tracy Gardner is the Founder and CEO of Paircraft. Tracy discovered and developed the idea that became PairCraft by using the skills and knowledge he acquired as a chemical engineer, as an innovation consultant practicing design thinking, and from studying wine in the WSET courses and winemaking in the UC Davis Winemaking Certificate Program.

He developed his knowledge about food and wine pairing by conducting extensive research, which included buying just about every book ever written on food and wine pairing, and by conducting countless experiments and tasting sessions with wine professionals and serious home cooks.

In addition, Tracy has surveyed the current state and the leading edge of food and wine pairing by tasting hundreds of pairing recommendations from wine stores and pairings at restaurants, including restaurants at the very top of fine dining.

Tracy loves that beautiful thing that happens when you eat a bite of delicious food and then take a sip of a wine that opens up and adds a new, wonderful, and welcome dimension to the food experience. One of his goals with PairCraft is to make it possible for everybody everywhere to be able to easily reach out and get the information they need to make this magical experience happen–and happen at a very high level–with every dish they enjoy making, eating, or serving.

Todd Coleman
Video and Photography

Todd was executive food editor at Saveur, Tasting Table creative director, a Food Network producer and shooter-writer-editor for everything from travel stories to cookbooks. He co-founded the NYC-based agency Delicious Contents and was a chef instructor at the Institute of Culinary Education, editor at Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food, and digital director for At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy in Singapore.

Lisa Michurski
Creative Director

Lisa Michurski is a creative leader with more than 20 years of experience in user-focused product development. She specializes in design strategy, creative direction, and user experience, bringing clarity and direction to complex digital systems. She’s a lover of food and wine (isn’t everyone?) and has led comprehensive redesigns for many media brands in the world of food such as Martha Stewart, Saveur, Disney, and all of the Time Inc. lifestyle brands, including Real Simple, Cooking Light, Sunset, and My Recipes.

Annie O’ ’Hare
Culinary Director

Anne Margaret O’Hare is the chef and owner of O CUISINE in New York City. Trained by The Culinary Institute of America, Chef O’Hare apprenticed in Michelin-starred restaurants, Michel Rostang in Paris, France and ARZAK in San Sebastian, Spain. Her experiences abroad were charged by a deep passion for food — cooking wasn’t simply a means to earn a living, but was living! Anne returned to New York where she worked in some of New York City’s top kitchens, including The Sign of the Dove, and Park Avenue Café.

Eventually she was given the opportunity to Private Chef for Jann Wenner, founder of Rolling Stone Magazine where she cooked at a high level for celebrity clientele for several years. Chef O’Hare made a name for herself as a female business owner and entrepreneur on the culinary scene in Manhattan. Running an in-demand catering business added new grit to her already steadfast career. Inspired to create something new, she opened O CUISINE in 2018. O CUISINE is a brick and mortar, multifaceted culinary studio that offers private venue space and cooking classes, along with private chef and catering services for individuals, groups, and businesses.

Benoît Marsan
International wine chemistry educator and researcher

Benoît Marsan holds a Ph.D. in chemistry and is currently an honorary professor at the University du Québec à Montreal (UQAM). Prof. Marsan was educated in professional wine tasting by the best sommelier of Quebec 2009, Bertrand Eichel. Having refined his knowledge and expanded his expertise in wine chemistry, he founded scienceetvin.com http://scienceetvin.com/index-en.html) in 2015. Speaker at national/international conferences, symposia and wine shows, he teaches wine chemistry to wine professionals and general population. From 2013 to 2016, he has been an important contributor to the course Analyse sensorielle et analyse organoleptique at Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec (ITHQ). His numerous discussions with winemakers and œnologists worldwide, together with private sessions with some of the best sommeliers of the world, have strengthened his conviction to create a course at UQAM dedicated to wine chemistry. This very popular course has greatly contributed to the Teaching Excellence Award he received from the Faculty of Science at UQAM. In 2017, he created an innovative chemistry course specifically for sommeliers at ITHQ, and also contributed as a wine scientific expert to a workshop on the perception of minerality attended by 50 top sommeliers. Since then, Prof. Marsan has been invited worldwide to deliver thematic wine chemistry seminars, including his popular two-day Wine Chemistry for Professionals seminar (Toronto, New York, TEXSOM). In 2019, he was invited to deliver (with John Szabo MS) a lecture on the subject of minerality and saltiness at the opening session of the 2nd Annual International Volcanic Wine Conference. More recently, he has been part of a panel discussing the chemistry and sensory impacts of lees aging at i4c (International Cool Climate Chardonnay Celebration) in Niagara, Ontario, Canada. Prof. Marsan is currently involved in research activities (with John Szabo MS and Dr. Christian Coelho, Dijon, France) to better understand the impact of volcanic soils on wine chemical and sensorial attributes.

Bambi Ray
Retail Consultant & Wine Librarian

Bambi is currently a sales manager at Astor Wines & Spirits, an iconic NYC wine store in the East Village and a voluptuary in her spare time. She holds certifications from the Court of Master Sommeliers and Saké School of America & is currently enrolled in the diploma program of the Wine and Spirits Education Trust. With experience in both New Orleans and New York restaurants, she believes that working in retail offers the same pairing opportunities as sommeliers with the added surprise that the dinner menu changes each time a new customer walks in the door.

Stef Schwalb
Writer and Reporter

Stef Schwalb is a freelance writer and editor who specializes in food, beverage, hospitality, business, and design. She is a contributing editor to SOMM Journal and The Tasting Panel magazines and a contributing writer to Bar & Restaurant. Her byline has also be featured in Boston, Boston Home, Honest Cooking, The Alcohol Professor, and Thirsty magazine. Stef holds the WSET Level 3 certification and is currently pursuing additional wine and spirits educational opportunities.

Meet the Sommeliers

We’ve tapped the world’s best sommeliers to taste scores of wines with the dishes you’re cooking. They give you the intel to buy the right wine for your meal.

Bruno Almeida

NYC Sommelier & Wine Educator, "Wine Talks" Host, Portuguese Wine Advocate, Contributor @sommation_live

Yannick Benjamin

Beverage and Managing director
Contento, NYC

Michael Dolinski

Wine Director
Portale and Junoon, NYC

Jason Ferris

Sommelier and Manager
The Park Inn, Hammonsport, NY

Madeline Maldonado

Esquire 2020 Beverage Director of the Year, NYC

Irene Miller

Beverage Director
Vestry, NYC

Katja Scharnagl

Chef Sommelier
Le Bernardin, NYC

Barbara Wong

Le Bernardin, NYC